Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mass Save Has New Website for Great Appliance Exchange

Many thanks to WBZ's John Karalis who a just tweeted the following;

"Mass Save system has crashed. Here's the new website to apply for rebates":

My wife and I had been speed dialing and refreshing the crashed Mass Save website for the past hour trying to land a reservation # for the appliance rebate program since it launched 1 hr ago.  The new site was operating without a hitch and showed that $700,000 of the $5.4 million rebate was already gone.  Seems I'm not the only one who found John's tweet.

Update: I just checked again, 1 hr and 10 minutes after the program began and $1.8 million of the $5.4 in funds is already gone.  Better get on it quick!

Update # 2: One hour and 15 minutes after the rebate program began the new site that WBZ tweeted  has also crashed.  Wonder if they are cooking up a third site...

Update # 3: Two hours after the rebate offer began and one hour after Mass Save was able to piece back together a working website for the program, the money is all gone!

Here is the breakdown from at noon;

Program Countdown:
Starting Funds $ 5,455,625.00
Reserved Funds-$ 5,455,625.00
Remaining Funds $ 0.00

Wait List Maximum $ 1,700,000.00
Wait List Allocated-$ 402,000.00
Wait List Remaining $ 1,298,000.00    

There is still a chance participants could get funded through the waiting list, but who knows...

photo credit: wikimedia commons

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