Sunday, August 17, 2008

Usain Bolt, Julian Marley, and Rachel

Rache and I were at a party hosted by the Jamaican Embassy the other night to watch Usain Bolt set another world record in the 100 meters. We watched on a giant projection screen as Bolt not only dusted the competition and set a new world record, but did so with one shoe untied and jogging the last 30 meters.
After the race we were all hanging out waiting for the second half of the evening's entertainment--Bob Marley's son, Julian, and his band--to show up .
There was a group of dreadlocked Rastas hanging out near the stage and, as this is a rather unusual sight in the PRC, I had Rache and a friend pose for a photo with them.
When the band started up we realized the guys they'd just had their picture taken with were Julian and his right hand man! (see photos). It was a pretty amazing concert, a Bob Marley cover band led by one of his [many] sons for a crowd of less than 100.



  1. Very cool partying with the Marleys in Beijing while watching the lightning Bolt. Glad you're enjoying it.
    Just chatted with a family of 7 who returned from Beijing & commented on the endless green parks and Great Wall solitude (no hawkers). We watched them plant the 12 foot trees in March. Welcome to the New Beijing!
    Safe & happy travels Phil & Rach - Mo

  2. Rock on Rachel,
    That's awesome
    as ambassadors from jamaica, were they allowed to smoke some of that famous jamaican herb in the PRC